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Saturday August 14, 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM    Gardening in Newhall Fields Herb Garden - Herbal Infusions-Part 2
Join Herbalist Rebecca Ingalls in the Herb Garden at Tillies Farm for an enlightening offering of herb classes!Spring Greens: Join Rebecca for a foray into the herb garden where each participant will find and create a fabulous spring salad from wild and cultivated greens.  Learn to identify the nutrient rich plants and how to harvest and use them for maximum nourishment and enjoyment. Please bring a plate & utensils.*This session is sponsored by the Peabody Public Library and is free! Registration through the Peabody Recreation Department website is required. Farm to Face: Herbalist Rebecca Ingalls will lead you through a sequence of 5 luxurious treatments that will leave your skin soft and glowing, and your spirit soothed. Each step will be plant based, easy, and accessible so participants can replicate their own herbal spa treatments at home. Please bring a headband or hair tie, face cloth and towel. All other materials are suppliedCulinary Herbs:  Explore the realm of kitchen herb gardens past and present. Learn how to cultivate, harvest and dry these treasured herbs for year-long use. Each participant will design and prepare their own Culinary Herb Planter. Please bring your own container/pot.*This session is sponsored by the Peabody Public Library and is free! Registration through the Peabody Recreation Department website is required. Farm to Foot (a/k/a ‘happy feet’): Step into a plant-based treatment that will restore your feet as well as your spirits. Discover the amazing benefits of herbal foot soaks, scrubs, and more! Herbalist Rebecca Ingalls will lead youthrough a sequence of 4 foot spa steps that will be plant based, easy, and accessible. Please You may wish to bring your own towel and basin.Herbal Infusion- part 1: Learn the art of preparing for culinary and medicinal herbs at the height of freshness to preserve their vibrant aromatic, nourishing and flavorful properties. We will be harvesting fresh herbs and infusing them to create herbal oils, vinegars and honeys (to be continued)Herbal Infusions– part 2: We will continue our exploration of herbal preparations in oil, vinegar, and honey and learn some practical applications for each. Participants will create and take home a beautiful assortment of herbal goods.Marvelous Mints: Explore the world of the Lamiaceae Family in the herb garden with Rebecca. Discover botanical folklore and the wonderful advantages of incorporating plants from this family into your garden. Herbal Teas, Steams, and Scrubs: Identify and harvest beautiful aromatic herbs and learn how to dry and process them to make tea blends and other applications for you, your family, and your friends. Participants will take home the custom blends they have prepared.Nurturing Health with Plants Through the SeasonsA lively and informative series, led by Herbalist Rebecca Ingalls, focuses on reconnecting with plants each season to increase health, immunity and vitality. Bring your curiosity, questions and friends for a fun, enlightening discovery of practical herbal wisdom you can apply to your life simply and effectively. Classes can be delivered individually or as 4 parts of a seasonal series. Each class delves into at least 7 ways to prepare for each season using locally growing plants