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Reiki Level 1 / First Degree Training and Certification / $115

Have you ever wished you felt a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by other people’s energy or sense intuitively what others feel? Are you drawn to nurture or care for others? Do you wish you had a tool that could help you have an overall sense of wellbeing and help you dissolve stress and anxiety? Reiki may be the key to help you unlock all of those doors.
Reiki (ray-key) means universal life force energy. It is called Universal because it is all around you.  As a certified Reiki Practitioner you will be taught to direct the flow of energy through your hands to help yourself and others experience a state of deep relaxation, enhancing self-healing.  Reiki helps you become more grounded and in touch with your intuition. It can help you release old patterns and heal and dissolve deep rooted trauma.  Reiki can help decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain, improve mental clarity and connect you to your higher self, helping you shift your energy and gain new perspective.

In this class you will learn the history of Reiki and how to conduct a Reiki session, your hand chakras will be opened and you will learn how to transmit energy. At the end of class you will receive your First Degree Reiki Attunement and leave with a Reiki 1/First Degree Training Manual and Certificate.

Class Outline:
 Energetic Protection – Smudging and Cleansing Energy
The Importance of Grounding & Meditation in Energy Work
Overview of the Chakra System
What is Reiki and How to Conduct a Reiki Treatment – Hands Positions
The History of Reiki and the Story of Mikao Usui
The Principles / Precepts of Reiki
Byosen Scanning
What to Expect Post Attunement – The 21 Day Clearing Process
Reiki Tools of the Trade
Brief Discussion about Animal Reiki
About Reiki Shares, Reiki Resources and Reiki Volunteer Opportunities

What to bring:
Brown bagged lunch

BONUS: Class participants have the option to attend a FREE follow up meditation at the Peabody Public Library. Please note that the free meditation is first come first serve, and pre online registration at the library is required. 

Any questions about the class may be directed to Valerie York, Reiki Master Teacher at

Reiki Level Two / Second Degree Training and Certification / $150

Are you ready for the next exciting step in your Reiki adventure?  Come and join us for a 2 day training and explore Level 2 of the Usui Method of Reiki.  In this 2 day training, Students will study and be attuned to the three (3) Second Degree Symbols. Each of these symbols carries a very unique energy and many students say their intuition is heightened and they sense and feel more heat, cold and tingling sensations in their hands after completing this level.  During this 2 day class you will receive a total of 3 Second Degree Attunements and leave with a Reiki 2 Binder and Certificate.

Class Outline – Day One - Saturday:
Review of Reiki Level 1 materials (see description for Reiki Level 1)
What to Expect after the Level II Reiki Attunements
The 21 Day Clearing Process
The First Level 2 Symbol – Empowerment & Grounding Symbol - Cho Ku Rei
The Second Level 2 Symbol  - The Emotional Healing Symbol – Sei He Ki. 

You should plan a quiet Saturday evening, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water before Day Two.

Class Outline – Day Two – Sunday:
The Third Level 2 Symbol – The Distance Healing Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
How to Use and Combine all 3 Symbols
How to Send A Remote / Distance Healing Session
How to Make and Use a Reiki Box
Reiki Shares – How to Hold a Reiki Share and Why You Should Attend
How to Gain Confidence in Your Relationship with Reiki
Reiki Resources, Tips and Tools of the Trade and more.

What to bring

Your Reiki Level 1 Training Manual and Certificate
A Journal
Brown bagged lunch

BONUS:  Class participants have the option to attend a FREE follow up meditation at Peabody Public Library.  Please note, the free meditation is first come first serve, and pre-online registration at the library is required.

Any questions about the class may be directed to Valerie York, Reiki Master Teacher at

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Reiki Level 2 / Second Degree Training and Certification  
18 - 99  N/A  SuSa  02/22/2020 - 02/23/2020
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Main Branch Library
$150.00 Res, $150.00 Non-Res
9 seat(s) available
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