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  • Quarantine TIme Capsule THIS INTRODUCTION AND TIME CAPSULE PROJECT IS FROM SARAH LEEDALE. We hope you enjoy it! This time capsule is meant to serve two purposes. First, it is a fun activity for you to complete with the child(ren) in your life. Second, it will be a fascinating way for them to learn about their own personal experience when they are older and able to understand that they lived through a significant historical event. I’ve created two versions of these pages to make them adaptable for a range of ages of children. This version focuses on the child writing their own answers. If your child is comfortable writing, they may still enjoy drawing pictures to accompany their answers. In unusual and unsettling times, drawing can be especially comforting, so I would encourage you to embrace that if your child would rather draw than write. If you are making a time capsule with multiple children, you will want to print a page for each child. You can decide whether each child will have their own time capsule, or if you are making one together as a family. There are some pages you might want to print multiple of (like the book reviews) and other pages you might wish to skip. The last page of this version is titled “The Tough Stuff” and discusses coronavirus specifically, whereas the rest of the file is somewhat vague. You may choose to leave this page out, or you may wish to use it to help talk about the big feelings that come along with this time. I hope with all my heart that you and your family stay healthy, but this page can help record the experience if you or anyone you know does become sick. Stay healthy and hopeful!

Brochures and Flyers