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Code Wiz

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Game-based Python

Ages: 10-12

Course Description: Learn to program in Python with a coding
strategy game. Defeat ogres, solve mazes, break into dungeons, level up and create your own game. Whether a student has coded before or not, they are able to jump right in and begin their journey through code!

Concepts your child will learn: They will learn concepts of problem solving, learning programming specific concepts such as: creating variables, working through loops, control statements, while also learning how to create their very own games and animations!

Schedule: 6 weeks
Option A: Mon 4pm
Option B: Thur 4pm

Minecraft Coding

Ages: 8-12

(A PC or a MAC is required, a Chromebook will NOT work for this class)

Course Description: Explore, create, or survive! Mine deep into the Minecraft world and create your dream world using code! In this creative course, you will challenge the odds, craft your own kinds of weapons, and build dream minecraft worlds and games using code. You will make use of ready-made coding blocks to create mini versions of Minecraft games and worlds.

Concepts your child will learn: Students will develop skills in problem-solving and find an outlet for their creativity. By building their own mini-games in Minecraft, each student will gain an understanding of programming within the context of Minecraft coding. Students will learn game design all within the comfort of Minecraft. Your child will learn basic concepts of coding such as loops, variables, conditionals, and more.

Option A: Mon 5pm
Option B: Thur 5pm
Animator - Create

Animations With Javascript

Ages: 10+

Course Description: Are you artistic? Now you can learn to draw and paint and tell a story from your perspective all with code. Express your creative side by learning how to create gripping animations and transitions using Javascript. In this course, students have used code to simulate a sunrise and sunset, simulate the Fibonacci sequence, recreate the classic snake and ping pong games that can be played directly in the browser. Amazing stuff for your portfolio!

Concepts your child will learn: Students will learn the concepts of problem solving, x-y, coordinates, and programming specific concepts such as data types, creating variables, while loops, for loops, if statements, methods and more!

Option A: Mon 4pm
Option B: Thur 4pm

Minecraft World Builder

Ages: 7-12

(A PC or a MAC is required, a Chromebook will NOT work for this class)

Description: Minecraft economy has never been as exciting as Minecraft World Builder, in this course, you will learn how to run a city, manage money, protect the environment, all within the 3D world of Minecraft! This is not coding based, but more real-world economics, city planning, and life management! In Minecraft World Builder, you will be a part of a committee and learn to manage money by building onto your ever-growing city with your peers.

Concepts your child will learn: Your child will learn teamwork, real-life money management, town designing, environment protection, public speaking, presentation skills, and economics all within the very popular 3D video game Minecraft.

Option A: Mon 4pm
Option B: Thur 4pm

Session Schedules & Additional Details

Session 1 (Fall Registration)
Mondays – Sept 14th - Nov 2nd. No class Sept 28th and Oct 12th
Thursdays – Sept 10th - Oct 29th. No class Oct 1st and Oct 15th

Session 2 (Fall Registration)
1 makeup class allowed
Mondays – Nov 9th - Dec 14th
Thursdays – Nov 5th - Dec 17th. No class Nov 26th

Session 3 (Winter Registration)
Mondays – Jan 25th - March 8th. No class Feb 15th
Thursdays – Jan 28th - March 11th. No class Feb 18th
* We will be offering different classes session 3!*

All sessions require a PC, Mac or Chromebook.*not all classes work with a Chromebook, please see description for details* We maintain a low coach:student ratio of 1:3 for kids ages 7 - 9 and 1:4 for kids ages 10+. As you sign up for another session your child will pick up right where they left off, or they can always try something new. Don't panic, nothing will be missed if you join in on Session 2 as all sessions are self-paced. Come be a part of the Code Wiz family and see what the excitement of coding is all about! Find out more at


* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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