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Memorial Bench Program

The Peabody Park Commission and Recreation, Parks & Forestry Department make all final decisions, including, but not limited to, the location and style of the memorial bench.
    • The donation period will last for 12 years.
    • Within this time the Department will replace, at no cost to the donor, a bench plaque one time if it is damaged or stolen. The cost of any subsequent replacement plaques will be the financial responsibility of the donor and must be coordinated through the Parks Department. 
    • After 12 years, the donated element will be available for renewal for the cost of a new donation with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the original donor opts not to renew, the donated element and plaque may be removed or rededicated at any time
    • All inscriptions are subject to approval.
    • The City of Peabody reserves the right to deem the bench unserviceable and remove as necessary.
    • A check for the cost of the bench must be accompany your completed application. See “pricing information’ for breakdown.
    • Once completed application is received by the Peabody Recreation, Parks, & Forestry Department, it will be reviewed by the Parks Commission and the applicant will be notified of the City’s decision.
      • Benches will be installed by the Parks Department or Department of Public Works.
      • Plaque Only Option: People may apply for a new plaque to be installed on an existing bench.

All memorial benches are purchased from New England Recreation Group, Inc.

      The 6’ Paris Terraza bench is made with classically styled cast aluminum end framings/legs and recycled plastic planking. The steel frame that supports the planking attaches to the castings with security hardware. Thermally bonded powder coating assures long lasting beauty.  $2500.00.
      The 6’ Dumor bench made with high density recycled plastic with profiled slats for extra comfort. The supports are  steel bar and wall steel tubing for strength and long lasting durability.  $1600

      • All bench pricing includes bench, and plaque, delivery, assembly, cement base, and installation.
      • Benches are typically delivered and installed within 6-10 weeks..
      • Plaque Only Option: People may apply for a new plaque on an existing bench for $500.


Applicants must read the memorial bench information and policies, fully complete the application within and return it to the Peabody Recreation Department office.
Questions and concerns regarding Memorial Benches should be addressed to the Peabody Recreation, Parks & Forestry Department at 978-536-7130 or email 

Please make checks payable to:

Peabody Parks Department